— by Jeff Schultz

This clever comedy, with its Russian nesting doll plot, interweaves three stories, each the creation of the other. The realization by all parties in the climax that they are merely sprung from the imagination of someone in a parallel universe leads to an existential crisis and a plummet toward Earth that gives it an INCEPTION-lite feel. Or maybe ZOOM is what WAKING LIFE would have been if it had been a sitcom. One of the three stories is animated in Rotoscope-style (and even though he’s “just” a line drawing, the animation totally captures Gael Garcia Bernal, the movie’s biggest star). The title refers to the breast and penis enlargement that kick off the plot, which quickly multiplies. Of the ensemble cast, Tyler Labine does a remarkable change from lovable doofus to ex-con, Don McKellar is hilarious (like Bernal, he’s also animated) as a Hollywood studio sycophant, and worth mention as well: breast-slapping creep Michael Eklund.

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