— by Jeff Schultz In our soon-to-be post-Trumpian land, illegal immigration may simmer down to a merely warm-button issue, especially since the faltering world economy appears to have stemmed the tide of those crossing the border from Mexico. But Trump’s supporters are legion, and American nativists were demonizing foreigners long before Donald launched his ugly … Continue reading DESIERTO


— by Jeff Schultz A smashing surprise, an astonishing accomplishment. It’s a monster movie, yes, from a great monster movie tradition, but so much more. In fact, Gojiro himself, while still great “fun” to watch as he rampages through Tokyo, is basically the vessel here into which is poured a fascinating, brainy meditation on patriotism, … Continue reading SHIN GODZILLA (GODZILLA RESURGENCE)


—by Jeff Schultz A well-done sequel that is much better than the original. While it becomes incoherent once the explanation for all the bad stuff that’s happening is laid out, getting to that point is creepy fun, thanks to strong performances by a cast of lesser-knowns -- and Henry Thomas! E.T.’s Elliott plays a troubled, … Continue reading OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL


— by Jeff Schultz To me, Zach Galafianakis is one of the two funniest people alive (the other being Charlie Day). When I saw the trailer for this comedy, I couldn’t wait for it to come out. Then I watched it. What a letdown! While the second half is an improvement, getting there involves sitting … Continue reading KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES


— by Jeff Schultz Why is everyone dumping on this movie? The consensus critique seems to be that it’s “like all the other” Christopher Guest mockumentaries. To which I say, Bring It On ! Guest’s patented comic approach, augmented by his stellar repertory company of actors, doesn’t need alteration; the formula still works. One scene … Continue reading MASCOTS


by Alan Yudman Going into THE ACCOUNTANT I expected something slightly different than what I got. I thought it was going to be a decent action thriller with Ben Affleck playing up his Batman action hero status and showing off his mad skills. What I did not expect was an attempt to thoughtfully examine the … Continue reading THE ACCOUNTANT


by Alan Yudman The legendary tale of Seven Samurai who were recruited to protect a town from a ruthless evil doer has been told on film twice before. Akira Kurosawa's classic version which featured actual Samurai. Then the 1960 John Sturges version, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Now Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington have teamed up to … Continue reading THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN


— by Jeff Schultz Dreary and unlikeable, with a complicated set-up that, along with its ping-ponging back and forth through time, is difficult to initially follow, this murder mystery left me pretty cold. Emily Blunt has a thankless role as a not-so-hot alcoholic mess who has to work her way through a blur of booze … Continue reading THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN