— by Jeff Schultz

To me, Zach Galafianakis is one of the two funniest people alive (the other being Charlie Day). When I saw the trailer for this comedy, I couldn’t wait for it to come out. Then I watched it. What a letdown! While the second half is an improvement, getting there involves sitting through a wan setup with lame gags that aren’t even served up properly, leaving the audience confused about whether they’re meant to laugh. Poor Zach is all but neutered in an Everyman role that keeps him far too buttoned-up. As his wife, Isla Fisher fares a little better, but the blandness-of-suburbia and quick-before-the-kids-come-home married sex jokes aren’t just tired, they’re sleep-inducing, and the ordinary-people-caught-up-in-nefarious-international-spy-plot has been told so many times that if the screenplay could talk it would be hoarse. There is, however, a saving grace: Jon Hamm, who has previously (on “SNL” and in BRIDESMAIDS) shown what a funny guy he can be and is easily the best thing going here.

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