— by Jeff Schultz

Why is everyone dumping on this movie? The consensus critique seems to be that it’s “like all the other” Christopher Guest mockumentaries. To which I say, Bring It On ! Guest’s patented comic approach, augmented by his stellar repertory company of actors, doesn’t need alteration; the formula still works. One scene alone — involving Fred Willard (in much the same mode as his “Buck Laughlin” in BEST IN SHOW) and a Little Person — had me screaming with laughter; it’s as good as anything in any of the other films. Fred is joined by Guest regulars Parker Posey, Michael Hitchcock, John Michael Higgins, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, and Bob Balaban in this fictional award show competition among sports team mascots — with the happy addition of Zach Woods (who at some point in his career has to play House Speaker Paul Ryan) and Chris O’Dowd. It all goes down so easily, I wanted it to keep going and was startled and disappointed when the credits appeared after a too-short 89 minutes. Again, this is a minority opinion, but for me, Christopher Guest can keep making these movies until the cows come home, and I’ll be happy.

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