by Alan Yudman

The first two DESPICABLE ME movies were great. They were fun and clever and very funny. They also introduced us to the Minions, those adorable and hysterical helpers who assist Gru in carrying out his evil (or anti-evil) plans.
DESPICABLE ME introduced us to he uber villain Gru, and also showed his soft heart as he adopted three orphan girls. The second film was kind of a redemption. He met a girl and switched from carrying out evil to fighting it in the name of love. So, what’s next? Well, not much.
DESPICABLE ME 3 is a cute movie. It’s got all the characters you’ve come to love. Gru, the Minions, Lucy and the three girls. Unicorn loving Agnes, mischievous Edith and mature Margo. it introduces us to two new characters. It seems Gru has a twin brother Dru who runs the family pig farming business in Fredonia, but also tries to keep their father’s side business of being a villain afloat. Then there is the villain, Balthazar Bratt, a former child star from the ’80’s who has turned bitter and evil after his was rejected by Hollywood.
But none of this works as well as the first two films. The villain doesn’t seem particularly villainous. He steals a diamond and wants to float Hollywood into space as retribution. Yawn. His most interesting quirk is a love of the ’80’s from music to mullets. Oooh.. Scary….
Gru’s brother is more of a wannabe villain. He’s incompetent at it and not in an endearing or cool way. Dru really is kind of annoying.
Part of the problem is low stakes. Another problem is this feels like it was thrown together as a marketing exercise. It is kinda funny, a few chuckles. The Minions aren’t in it enough and their part in it is meh.
The kids will love it and it will rake in box office bucks. But the only think Despicable about this is that it was even made.

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