by Alan Yudman What would you do for your brother? Would you give up your dreams to protect him and keep him safe? That is the question at the heart of THE SISTERS BROTHERS, the new western from director Jacques Audiard. Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly are Charlie and Eli Sisters. They are notorious … Continue reading THE SISTERS BROTHERS


by Alan Yudman Can you do me A SIMPLE FAVOR? Go see this movie. It is the best combination of comedy and noir, mystery-thriller. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. It is in reality a mystery-thriller that has some funny parts. Anna Kendrick is a Mommy-Vlogger who meets Blake Lively, the mom of one of her … Continue reading A SIMPLE FAVOR


by Alan Yudman I have read plenty of reviews that BLACKKKLANSMAN is the triumphant return of Spike Lee. Where did he go? Nowhere. He was here all the time producing, directing, going to Knicks games. You know.. being Spike Lee. Maybe those critics say that because this is a shocking return to movies like DO … Continue reading BLACKKKLANSMAN


by Alan Yudman GET OUT was last year’s ground breaking movie that was of a genre but really a biting social commentary. It was so good it won Jordan Peele a Best Original Screenplay Oscar. This year that torch has been passed to SORRY TO BOTHER YOU. Where get out was chiefly about race and … Continue reading SORRY TO BOTHER YOU