by Alan Yudman When politics ignores or repudiates the past, it is the arts that must step up and remind people about the truth of that history. As some continue to believe there is no race problem in the United States, it’s important that movies like GET OUT, BLACKKKLANSMAN, MOONLIGHT, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, LOVING … Continue reading GREEN BOOK


by Alan Yudman If you are going into WIDOWS thinking it’s a version of the OCEAN’S franchise, you are going to be disappointed. But you also should be pleasantly surprised. While WIDOWS has none of the humorous banter, male bonding or cheeky sexuality of the OCEAN’S movies, it has something much more— stakes and real … Continue reading WIDOWS


by Alan Yudman People, well critics if you consider them people, always seem a bit surprised when an actor known chiefly for comedy takes on a dramatic role and kills it. There is a worn out quote that goes, depending on who you hear it from, “dying is easy, comedy is hard”. Given that Melissa … Continue reading CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME


by Alan Yudman I walked out of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY on a high. Like the high you have after seeing a great concert. The performer energized the crowd and you leave feeling giddy and singing the songs. I was enthusiastic and ready to be effusive with praise. Then after a while I remembered it wasn’t a … Continue reading BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY