by Alan Yudman

One day away.

It’s time for the Academy Awards and since I’m a movie blogger it is my responsibility and right to offer my less than expert predictions.

My pick is who I want to win.

Predicted winners are just that, who I think will actually win.

So (fanfare, drum roll, raspberry.. you chose) here they are:


Couple of thoughts.

Anything but Green Book or Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Picture.

The Best Actor category is missing two outstanding performances: Ethan Hawke in FIRST REFORMED and Ben Foster in LEAVE NO TRACE. Either of those performances are better than any of the nominated performances.

Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress are filled with great performances and will be hghly competitive. Glenn Close will win. She deserves it. Her performance is masterful. But, I have loved Melissa McCarthy since I saw CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME and thought since then she should win.

I have not seen any of the shorts nor have I heard anything about them so I don’t know enough to make a prediction.

I have not seen any of the Documentary Features, but have read a bunch about them and heard enough informed discussions to make an educated guess.

“Shallow” will win. “All the Stars”: is a better song. “When a Cowboy Gets His Wings” is quirky good.

THE FAVOURITE will win Original Screenplay. It is bonkers good. But the not nominated EIGHTH GRADE is the Best Original Screenplay of 2018, as the Writers Guild proved when they awarded it with the top prize.

Enjoy the awards. Will try to recap early next week


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