CODA POSTERI was thrilled that CODA has received some love this awards season. The Best Picture and Supporting actor nominations are the minimum the Academy should have done. CODA is better than just about every movie being talked about this awards season.

What amazing performances by all the lead actors. This could have gone down the treacly path that would have made it insufferable. But all the moments worked on me. It’s a story of passion and family and sacrifice.

Troy Kotsur’s win at the SAG awards and nomination for Supporting Actor at the Oscars seems the right call. He was so tough, frustrating and touching as the father. I was disappointed Marlee Matlin also didn’t get recognized. She too was so perfect as the mom.

Emilia Jones is a revelation. Not just her singing (she has a great set of pipes), but her acting. I felt her struggle and her fight for her own life.

Sian Heder’s script and direction are wonderful. The adapted screenplay category is stacked this year so it would be a huge suprise if it wins. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve it.

This movie gave me all the feels. Watch it with a box of tissues. Then watch it again just because.

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