Born as CRITEXTS, but now reincarnated as HOLLYWOOD AND WHINE.

We started this as a goof. The three of us would text message movie reviews to each other. Alan (and really no one else was this insane) thought those reviews were good. Short, written from the perspective of a fan rather than a professional critic, we decided to share our particular genius with you.

Those in the “know” (and you know who you are. I see you out there trying to turn off your computer or click to a porn site), know who and what we are. And despite that you still keep coming back. Wow, can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

Now we have moved into a new neighborhood.

We have left blogger and the overly cumbersome url: hollywoodandwhinereviews.blogspot.com.

Now you can find us here. It will be easier to find with a streamlined url that is more searchable on google and easier to remember.

Stormy, Jeff and Alan have brought you their own unique take on movies and TV shows through blissfully brief reviews. The original premise was a review no longer than a text message. A quick review that you could read in a minute and make an informed decision on how best to spend your entertainment dollar. No need to thank us. Consider it our contribution to the greater good (or the greater bad in the case of Valkyrie).

So enjoy HOLLYWOOD AND WHINE, and as always we welcome your comments, feedback, opinions, ridicule and scorn.

Stormy, Jeff and Alan

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Sadhna.. my name is Alan.. I run the blog now. Stormy and Jeff have long since stopped contributing. The vast majority of what you read here is written and created by me. I am also the administrator.
    Please tell me more about how you can help my site.
    You can email me at Alan.Yudman@gmail.com


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