CAREFUL is what you wish for. 9 years after its home video release, Guy Maddin's wonderfully strange, ravishingly beautiful tale of incest in an avalanche-prone mountain village is at last available on Netflix. Maddin's movies look and sound like nothing you've ever seen before, with a silent film sensibility wedded to a vision so personal it couldn't possibly have been created by anyone else. — Jeff Schultz
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It’s a relief to see a show as great as BATTLESTAR end so right. The finale wraps everything up but leaves questions unanswered. It gives characters closure And ties up most loose ends. The final minutes are like the entire series: happy, grim, and finally hopeful. Hate to see it go but glad I went for the ride. Bravo…SO SAY WE ALL! — Stormy Curry

Frakin’ awesome. That is the best way to describe the final episode of BSG. The 1st hour is one of the best hours of television ever. The 2nd hour resolves most questions are answered. A lot is left to your interpretation. Isn’t that what great art is all about. A fine end to one of TV’s best shows. — Alan Yudman


KNOWING what I do now, I say: ignore the critics, except for Roger Ebert, and go see this nicely done, if sentimental, sci-fi mystery thriller about the end of the world. There are two exciting on-screen disasters — including the most intense plane crash since FEARLESS. And Nic Cage holds it in enough to be genuinely affecting. It's better than Signs and Deep Impact, but with serious nods to both. — Jeff Schultz
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W is A OK. Josh Brolin is terrific in the title role, and the movie flies even though it's more than 2 hours. It paints the picture of a man who gets way in Over his head yet is too full of himself to ever admit it. Stone seems to sympathize with W instead of crucify him, but doesn't let him off the hook. Well done. — Stormy Curry
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Simply told, utterly charming, the confection that is THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD features John Malkovich on holiday from weirdness and just plain funny as a diva mentalist. But just as terrific: watching Colin Hanks mature into a leading man — and watching his two scenes with Tom as father and son! — Jeff Schultz

Simple and sweet, The Great Buck Howard is a winner. It’s tough to not love Malkovich and Hanks is great too. Why this nice little gem bypassed theaters is one thing I will never understand. Charming and original, Buck really is Great! — Stormy Curry


BURN NOTICE season finale does not disappoint. Things boom, cars chase & people die! No dual plots, This is 1 theme: Who burned him. Can’t wait til June!! — Alan Yudman

NOTICE to fans of fun TV: you have till June to get BURNed. That’s when this entertaining series returns after the season finale. Rent it, TIVO it, whatever. — Stormy Curry


Three days in and JIMMY FALLON is getting better. He seems less nervous and more in rhythm. A lot still falls flat & the interviews are awful. Glimmer of hope. — Alan Yudman

Giving new meaning to flop, LATE NIGHT w/JIMMY FALLON reaches new lows in comedy. Fallon couldn’t deliver a joke while wearing a UPS uniform. De Niro a bad 1st Guest choice. Van Morrison & house band The Roots were the hilites. Lows too numerous to mention. Can only get better, because it cannot get worse. — Alan Yudman