CAREFUL is what you wish for. 9 years after its home video release, Guy Maddin's wonderfully strange, ravishingly beautiful tale of incest in an avalanche-prone mountain village is at last available on Netflix. Maddin's movies look and sound like nothing you've ever seen before, with a silent film sensibility wedded to a vision so personal … Continue reading CAREFUL


Simply told, utterly charming, the confection that is THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD features John Malkovich on holiday from weirdness and just plain funny as a diva mentalist. But just as terrific: watching Colin Hanks mature into a leading man -- and watching his two scenes with Tom as father and son! -- Jeff SchultzSimple and … Continue reading THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD


BURN NOTICE season finale does not disappoint. Things boom, cars chase & people die! No dual plots, This is 1 theme: Who burned him. Can't wait til June!! -- Alan YudmanNOTICE to fans of fun TV: you have till June to get BURNed. That's when this entertaining series returns after the season finale. Rent it, … Continue reading BURN NOTICE: LESSER EVIL


Three days in and JIMMY FALLON is getting better. He seems less nervous and more in rhythm. A lot still falls flat & the interviews are awful. Glimmer of hope. -- Alan YudmanGiving new meaning to flop, LATE NIGHT w/JIMMY FALLON reaches new lows in comedy. Fallon couldn't deliver a joke while wearing a UPS … Continue reading LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON