by Alan Yudman The first two DESPICABLE ME movies were great. They were fun and clever and very funny. They also introduced us to the Minions, those adorable and hysterical helpers who assist Gru in carrying out his evil (or anti-evil) plans. DESPICABLE ME introduced us to he uber villain Gru, and also showed his … Continue reading DESPICABLE ME 3


by Alan Yudman Shorter is better. Especially in bingeable TV series. Seasons that are about 8 or 10 episodes long allow for better, tighter storytelling and more consistent quality. That may be most evident in the Netflix series MASTER OF NONE. The first season of the single camera comedy created by Aziz Ansari and Alan … Continue reading MASTER OF NONE


by Alan Yudman Gen. Stanley McChrystal was famously fired from his post as commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan after a scathing Rolling Stone article in which he and his staff were seen as out of control, drunk and hyper-critical of President Barack Obama. Sounds like perfect fodder for a movie. Charismatic general, endless war, … Continue reading WAR MACHINE


by Alan Yudman Marvel has owned the superhero genre. While that studio has turned out Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America, X-Men, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Ant-Man movies. D.C. has well, stunk. That studio owns iconic titles like Batman, Superman, Justice League among others. But so far 2 Superman movies (MAN OF … Continue reading WONDER WOMAN