The frak hits the fan on GALACTICA! This show continues to show why it is the best series going-the only bad thing? Waiting another week to see what happens next! Just awesome. -- Stormy CurryThis has got to be one of the best GALACTICA episodes ever! Who will live? Who will die? I can't wait … Continue reading BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE OATH


Smart, funny and completely HOT, BURN NOTICE is back. Just when we think Michael is close to answers, they're completely blown away... Literally! The bomb seemed to shake some thing loose in Michael. He was more raw, unbridled rage than cool spy. Great start to the new season of a show everyone should watch! -- … Continue reading BURN NOTICE: DO NO HARM


Another outstanding movie from Eastwood. CHANGELING plays all the notes to perfection. No one performance is remarkable.. The story & direction carry the day. -- Alan YudmanGrim, riveting, unbelievable, and heartbreaking. Changeling is tough to shake mostly because its based on actual events and those events are chilling. Between this and Gran Torino, Clint is … Continue reading CHANGELING


How to review BATTLESTAR GALACTICA without giving anything away? Amazing reveals. Epic meltdowns. New questions posed. Unbelievable sadness. The first of the final episodes is frakin' great. And who knew the final Cylon is.... watch it yourself!! -- Alan YudmanNote to sci-fi snobs: don't be put off by a show with spaceships, robots, and alien … Continue reading BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION


I went to see BRIDE WARS for two specific reasons: Steve Howey and Kristen Johnston, two good actors who don't do enough movie work. They're both fun in this enjoyable chick flick, a pleasant confection unfairly pummeled by critics. Oddly, Kate Hudson is poorly and inconsistently shot, even though the cameraman is the great Frederick … Continue reading BRIDE WARS


Adorable mutts, fresh-faced kids, a non-threatening plotline with a foregone happy ending...HOTEL FOR DOGS isn't Chekhov, but it entertainingly fosters the message that the least among us are often the most worth saving. Emma Roberts continues to grow into her beauty. And it's good to see Kyla Pratt, from the sitcom One On One, working … Continue reading HOTEL FOR DOGS