What would it be like if we were able to get new music from bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones or any number of classic rock artists from early in their careers. Not outtakes. Not studio demos. Whole songs or whole albums of new, never before heard material. Sounds impossible. But with … Continue reading BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: THE PROMISE


There is a tendency for music critics to categorize. This one swaggers and prances like Jagger. That one is outrageous like Madonna. If a songwriter tells stories about young people trying to escape their working class lives, taking to the road in search of a better existence, they are immediately compared to a young Springsteen. … Continue reading "FLAMINGO" BY BRANDON FLOWERS


People have criticized Rivers Cuomo for writing hook-filled pop songs. The question is "what's wrong with that?". The answer is NOTHING!! Weezer's latest, "Hurley" is pop art. Every song has an infectious hook and the clever lyrics that Cuomo is famous for. Take "Ruling Me" for example. The second verse begins "We first met in … Continue reading "HURLEY" BY WEEZER