— by Jeff Schultz The reason I haven’t posted many reviews lately is because there’s been almost nothing I've wanted to see. Even FOMO Syndrome won’t get me to STAR WARS. I’d rather claw myself into unconsciousness than watch THE REVENANT. And I would take no JOY sitting through David O. Russell’s latest bag of … Continue reading DADDY’S HOME


After more than 30 years of waiting, suffering through three prequels loaded with too many special effects and things we will never be able to unsee (I'm talking to you Jar Jar and Hayden! )...the darkness has finally been lifted and fans finally have the movie they've been waiting for. JJ Abrams takes over for … Continue reading STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS


— by Jeff Schultz The title of course nods its Stetson toward THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, which, being a sweeping Western with an ensemble cast, it resembles. [Sidebar thought: the phrase “The 8th Film by Quentin Tarantino” works fine in marketing and promotion — but to place it at the top of the credits (instead of … Continue reading THE HATEFUL EIGHT


UPDATE (12/25/15) Full disclosure, I am a dork. I admit it, so I had no problems going again to see THE FORCE AWAKENS. This time in 3D. The 3D is great, subtle but immersive. I loved it just as much the second time. Daisy Ridley is more of a star than I noticed on first viewing. … Continue reading STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS

TED 2 (Part 2)

— by Jeff Schultz I began reviewing this comedy last July, in Milan, where I saw half of it in Italian, without subtitles. Having just watched it again, from the beginning, in English, filled in a lot of gaps and also better explained the tepid Italian audience reaction. Because the pop culture references are front-loaded … Continue reading TED 2 (Part 2)