Bliss! An intelligent, gripping, superbly acted drama about what led to the current financial meltdown, told not as a docu-drama, but through the prism of a fictional Goldman Sachs-type mega-firm. Even if there had been talented unknowns in the cast, the whip-smart screenplay would have carried the audience along with them. But oh my stars … Continue reading MARGIN CALL


People who think George Clooney is merely a pretty face who occasionally throws over his beautiful girlfriend for another one aren't paying attention. Mr. Clooney is a producer, a director and most impressively an actor. Last year he was largely overlooked in THE AMERICAN and was underrated in UP IN THE AIR the previous year. … Continue reading THE DESCENDANTS


It would be unfortunate if people let director Brett Ratner's shortcomings as a human being lead them to dump on his latest movie. Rather, TOWER HEIST should be trashed on its own demerits -- the mechanical plotting, the paperboard characters, the labored stunts and the almost complete lack of anything fresh or amusing. As plastic … Continue reading TOWER HEIST