It would be unfortunate if people let director Brett Ratner's
shortcomings as a human being lead them to dump on his latest movie.
Rather, TOWER HEIST should be trashed on its own demerits — the
mechanical plotting, the paperboard characters, the labored stunts and
the almost complete lack of anything fresh or amusing. As plastic and
disposable as a cheap toy, this overlong revenge romp doesn't even try
to manufacture a believable scenario, then cuts so many corners you
quickly give up caring if it makes any sense. Halfway through, Eddie
Murphy shows up and gives a desperately needed jolt to the
proceedings. But neither he nor capable performances from Alan Alda
(especially), Casey Affleck and Judd Hirsch can salvage this comedy
without laughs, this caper without thrills, this Exhibit A for how
disappointing mainstream moviemaking has become. — Jeff Schultz

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