It's set in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, but they could
have named it Dullsville. Nothing in this thrice-told tale will seem
unfamiliar; it's one more go-round for the criminal-trying-to-get-out-
of-The-Life story. And since the trailer provides the entire set-up,
all that's left during the movie itself is to watch unfold what you
already know is going to happen. Ben Affleck's sensitive thug is
actorish and unconvincing, right down to the you-gotta-be-kidding-me
ending which feels like a studio-imposed note of hope and is about as
authentic as the Southie accents that come and go throughout. Jeremy
Renner fares best: you have to look closely to realize it's him. But
alas, you know his fate before ten minutes have gone by. And Jon Hamm
is his usual magnetic self, but he pretty much comes off as Special
Agent Don Draper. I am NOT down with THE TOWN. — Jeff Schultz

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