Every now and then there's a movie with side performances away from
the main action that are so spectacular, they alone are worth the
admission price. I defy anyone to name a funnier, more lovable, more
perfectly pitched comic duo than the actors who play Emma Stone's
parents, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci. Every moment of every
scene they're in is just so damned good, you almost wish they were the
stars. But credit to Emma for showing the kind of promise we used to
see in Lindsay. Her sharp-as-a-tack edge never bleeds over into
bitterness as she navigates a plot about acceptance that meanders too
much and occasionally loses the point. But the filmmakers get a solid B
+ for their ambition. Throw in Penn Badgley's hunkitude and Dan Byrd's
geeky charm and you've got a John Hughes movie reimagined for the next
generation. Bravo. — Jeff Schultz

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