What makes up a great movie? It may be an easier task to simply say that it lacks nothing. THE KING'S SPEECH is just such a movie. The story is interesting. A man destined to be the King of England(Colin Firth) who cannot speak in public because of a lifelong stammer. How he finally comes to seek the help of an Australian named Lionel Logue(Geoffrey Rush). How he becomes to be the man destined to make history. All of this would make for a mildly interesting film. This movie adds humor, drama and history lessons and that makes it above average. What elevates it to the realm of cinematic classics is the direction and the acting. Tom Hooper takes the elements of a Prince dealing with personal challenges, a monarchy in crisis and a country facing war and melds them together into a fantastic drama. The audience can't help but sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what might happen. All this without a car chase, gun fight or martial arts move. It's one of the most thrilling movies I've seen in a while. Hooper knows he has a troupe of first class actors and lets them do their work. Firth is captivating. Rush gives more than his usual solid performance. Helena Bonham-Carter as Queen Elizabeth conveys caring and purpose as a wife who knows what her husband is capable of. Derek Jacobi, Michael Gambon, Guy Pearce. I could go on and on about the acting in this movie, even the bit players (the young actors who play the children of the Prince and Logue are wonderful) contribute important performances. In a year with many very good (and some great) movies, THE KING'S SPEECH may be the most complete of the bunch and is sure to take home bags of Oscar nominations and ultimately boxes of trophies. — Alan Yudman

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