In the wake of all the Paranormal Activities, Saws, and PG-13 “horror” crap, it’s a SCREAM to get back to basics with the fourth installment in this fun franchise. Love seeing Neve, Courtney, and David back in action in a movie that, just like in real life, comes ten years later. That’s enough time to give Scream 4 enough ammunition to entertain movie geeks, and to also propel the story. Facebook, YouTube, horror remakes, reboots, relaunching a horror franchise, and new rules replacing outdated ones ALL worked into this one. It stays true to the original while coming up with fresh twists in what’s become a toothless genre. Not as good as part one (how many sequels are?) but a lot of fun. And BIG thumbs up to the “Arnold” line delivered to the killer at the end…I laughed out loud! Mainstream critics who trash this should be a part of the body count…because most of them LOVED movies like Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism, and Piranha 3-D. If you liked the first three, waste no time and see part 4!
Stormy Curry     

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