The third installment in this series took long enough to get made. But its understandable that Barry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones would want to wait. The MIB 2 was lacking the charm and a lot of the humor of the original. Well, I won’t tell you that MIB 3 is as good as the first movie, but it is darn close. My expectations were fairly low, but this rose above those to treat me to a pretty good movie. Smith is still the smart-alecky, faux street wise Agent J. Years have made Tommy Lee Jones an even more surly and grizzled Agent K. If you are not familiar, the plot deals with J traveling back in time to save K and the world. I was anticipating a lot of “fish out of water” moments for J. There were a few, but not as many as I had feared and the movie stuck to the theme and J’s reason for traveling back to 1969. The humor was there. The weird Aliens and an especially evil villain ably played by Jemaine Clement. MIchael Stuhlbarg is welcome as a “good” alien who helps them save the world. The 3D is there, but unnoticeable, which means it works to make the movie visually pleasing. Is MIB 3 a great movie? Probably not. It leaves a bunch of questions unanswered and some may roll their eyes at the twist (I am not among them). But, it all worked for me and at under two hours, it was just fun. — Alan Yudman

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