Hugh Jackman’s hairy balls hang openly in their scrotal sac — from his neck, swinging from side to side as he converses. Halle Berry uses one of her massively enhanced naked breasts to mix up a batch of guacamole. Anna Faris wants nothing more than for her boyfriend to defecate on her. Chloe Grace Moretz’s first-ever menstrual blood ends up staining the sofa and smearing the kitchen wall. In the spirit of KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE and AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON (and, as Stormy noted, THE TEN), this multi-part hodgepodge of sex comedy sketches, including fake commercials with a (weak) framing device, from multiple directors with a large cast of name actors is hit and miss. But each of the segments has at least one good laugh. The scrotum gag is the movie’s most outrageous visual, with Anna’s fecal obsession close, er, behind. Yet not all the best moments are gross-outs: Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone’s ECU spat/seduction (inadvertently put out over a supermarket PA system) makes you want to see more of them together. And Terence Howard’s increasing exasperation at failing to get his black players to understand a racial axiom is a scream. It all goes down easily and goes by quickly and had the added benefit of introducing me to the band The Royal Concept and their kickass single, “Gimme Twice”. — Jeff Schultz

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