At one point in the opener to MAD MEN: SEASON 3, Don Draper uses an advertising campaign as a metaphor to warn Salvatore about his personal life. The writing is as brilliant and effective as that earlier Mad Men high point, the Kodak Carousel pitch — proof that this show is still firing (and the firings really hit home, didn't they?) on all cylinders. — Jeff Schultz

Like an old song on the radio, Mad Men stirs your memory with its familiar tone and consistent brilliance. The opener to Season 3 is a perfect example. The characters are different, yet familiar. Advanced in time, but true to themselves and the story. The moment that made his one special was the final scene. The Look on Don's face as he tried to tell Sally the story of her birth. A mix of pain and guilt that was paralyzing. A wonderful start. Welcome back old friend. — Alan Yudman
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What a fantastic premiere! Gone are the soapy subplots…Mad Men is back to what it does best: the brutal reality of the business world and strong characters with very real lives and real flaws. In a summer of reality crap and game shows, these Men are a breath of fresh air! — Stormy Curry

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