It's Independence Day bad; it's Armageddon bad; it's Day After
Tomorrow bad. The opening sequence seems so similar to “The Event”,
you think, wow, a middling NBC series got there first. Then you sit
through the rest of it (if you can) all the long and boring way to its
ridiculous ending. The effects are indifferent, the dialog wooden and
stilted, with actors to match who have no business being in a major
release. There are too many steals from Spielberg's War of the Worlds
(now THERE'S a turkey to emulate!) and one of the biggest shock
moments is right out of Bambi Meets Godzilla. Put it this way: Skyline
only wishes it were worthy enough to kneel down in homage and kiss the
hem of the robe worn by Cloverfield. — Jeff Schultz

Skyline could have been a guilty pleasure…an ID4 type of no brainer that would just be an “us versus them” alien flick. But someone took it too seriously which is a huge mistake when you have actors who can’t act, a script that is brain dead, and a score that splatters instead of pops. The one positive are the F/X…which look very good for a budget of 10 million bucks. If only they had spent some of that cash on acting lessons and screenwriting classes. What starts off as a “not as bad as I thought it would be” flick evolves into a “yup, it’s as bad as the trailers.” There is no sign of intelligent life here.
-Stormy Curry    

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