Screamingly, achingly funny. Tears of laughter were literally rolling
down my cheeks throughout this English bro-mance. The creative team of
Steve Coogan and Michael Winterbottom has struck again, this time with
Coogan's most personal film yet — one that plays with reality inside
a mirror reflecting a mirror that depicts “reality”. Yes, we're back
in Tristram Shandy territory. But this time, it's not too clever by
half; in fact, the element of pathos comes close to sentimentality.
This is Coogan meditating about growing old and not having become the
big-time movie star he'd hoped (and thought) he would be by now.
Coogan fearlessly, shamelessly shows you his warts, which you almost
have to conclude are part of the real man — that is, actor Steve
Coogan: self-obsessed, monstrously insensitive, competitive to a
fault. And that's where the comedy lies: in Steve's endlessly
hilarious sparring (by way of dueling celebrity impressions) with the
good friend he's too doltish to appreciate. And Rob Brydon is right up
there with Coogan — both in his similar need to best his friend and
his talent for doing so. Much or most of it may have been improvised.
(No writers are credited.) But none of it is throwaway. You may not
laugh harder at any movie this year. — Jeff Schultz

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