Inspired casting that includes a breakout comic performance fuels this
bright and very funny revenge fantasy to which anyone who's ever had
to work for a monster will relate. As the sanest of three stooges,
Jason Bateman is all pained reaction and military-precision timing.
Jason Sudeikis is the horniest, too sex-obsessed to be an effective
“criminal”. We've loved each of these guys in everything they've done.
Joining them is the lesser-known Charlie Day, and while he's been
given the splashiest role, all credit to him how exhilaratingly he
takes it and runs to the finish line. A short little man with a voice
that can shoot up the scale into only-dogs-can-hear-it range, Day
seldom stands or sits still, and even when he does, he's still
revving. There are scenes between the three stars that have the
nutball freshness of improv — when improv is hitting on all
cylinders. This is a movie easily worth a second watching to catch the
lines you missed because you were laughing so hard the first time.
Throw in Kevin Spacey doing his patented asshole and Jennifer Aniston
doing a new-for-her horny bitch and an almost unrecognizable Colin
Farrell doing coke… and you've got a terrific summer comedy. — Jeff

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